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Building a solid Foundation of Movement

About The Teacher


Born and raised in Houston, TX. My background is in dance. Having studied and taught ballet, tap, modern, jazz and gymnastics has greatly influenced my awareness of bodies in motion.

My desire to help people achieve a better quality of life developed as I repeatedly healed my body with the work. Living pain free for many years, I decided others should live the same.

Having studied different methods of Pilates, I take from each or all in order to help clients make a connection with the work. I often include dance techniques as well. Having studied pre-Pilates method has given me a deeper understanding of the work and allows me to build a body from the ground up for beginners, special populations as well as advanced work. 

Every body is different and responds according to what makes sense for them. 

Why Body Manipulation


Body Manipulation provides a judgement free environment for healing and learning.  Clients get individualized workouts based on needs and goals. No body is the same.  Pilates is not a one size fits all activity.  Body Manipulation takes all factors into consideration when developing your workout.

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