About Us


  • Born In Houston,TX, I was trained at an early age to take my craft seriously.  Although I didn't know it yet, I began my journey to Pilates at the age of three through ballet.  I trained at the best studios and had some of the best mentors.   Margo Marshal School of Ballet was a great catalyst for many of my mentors such as Sherese Campbell, Keith Cross, and Darrell Pucciarello.Trained in Ballet, Tap Jazz, Contemporary, Hip Hop, Graham Modern and Gymnastics, I have been able to teach both young and older students for over 20 years.While attending secondary training at Alvin Ailey School of Dance in NYC, I was introduced to Pilates.  After a few car accidents, I faced a new dilemma, pain. Instead of shots in my back or narcotic pain medicines, I opted to try Pilates again.  Three or four months of workout everyday, one to two hours a day and I was pain free for over ten years.  It was then that I decided I wanted to help people live pain free, narcotic free productive lives.For 5 years now, I have been helping others with their injuries, their strength and flexibility, and overall self esteem. Pilates is a mind body experience that not only allows one to connect their bodies with psyche, but also connects them to their place in the universe. Pilates helped me and so many others with pain, but it also helps with things such as ADHD, Depression and other maladies.  Pilates connects you with your past, present, and future.  My Pilates training includes my teachings from Alvin Ailey, Peak, Stott, an apprenticeship with Performance Pilates and currently learning more about Fascial work with Karin Locher. I am Level II Comprehensively certified in Peak and am currently pursuing Level III as well as doing specialty apprenticeship in post rehab work.​