About Us


Born In Houston,TX, trained at an early age to take my craft seriously.  Although I didn't know it yet, I began my journey to Pilates at the age of three through ballet.  I trained at the best studios and had some of the best mentors.   Margo Marshal School of Ballet was a great catalyst for many of my mentors such as Sherese Campbell, Keith Cross, and Darrell Pucciarello. Student and teacher of Ballet, Jazz, Hip Hop, Contemporary, Modern (Graham) it all helps put the human body in perspective to me.Peak Level II comprehensively certified, working on level III, Stott Professionally trained level III, Currently mentored by Elizabeth Jones-Boswell in rehabilitative and pre Pilates.

Why Body Manipulation

Body Manipulation provides services in two major areas of Houston, West University and Memorial.  Body Manipulation will also come to you in special cases, provides services to businesses and special events.